Our greatest satisfaction comes from the positive feedback we receive from our clients when they purchase their new herd at Kpra S.L. This motivates us to be even more demanding with ourselves, keeping in mind that new entrepreneurs need their milk business to operate well and to be capable of ensuring the desired profits.

Standard package

Includes doelings that are 4/5 months old, that have already passed the most complicated stages (lactation, weaning, starting on solid food and fodder). At this age, the goats adapt perfectly well to a new farm. You need only concern yourself with their well-being, adequate diet and breeding when they reach at least 28-30 kg of live weight.

Special package

Is developed upon customer request, where we prepare the animals according to the customer’s specific needs. We also sell reproductive stock during lactation, weaning, pre-breeding, bred with our studs and even perform a diagnostic ultrasound scan, if so desired.