At Kpra S.L. we put a lot of work into genetic selection because we know it is a key factor (along with health, feeding and handling) in obtaining higher profitability.

All our animals are registered with the acronym KPR in the Official Herd Book of the Murciano-Granada Breed, managed by ACRIMUR (Association for the Breeding of the Murciano-Granada Breed).

Also, we obtain individualized information about each of our goats with regards to production (in liters), milk quality (Fat, Protein Rate and Fat-Free Dry Matter) and udder health through somatic cell count.

Selection Process

1. Morphological assessment

Within 3-6 weeks after delivery, we perform a morphological assessment of our animals with regard to their dairy capacity: size, chest, abdomen, stance, etc., in addition to the mammary system: udder width, insertions, ligament strength, nipple implantation and ease of milk emission.

2. Assessment of production potential

The pre-selected goats go through a production control process, as do their progenitors. After checking the dairy control information, we select the animals that exceed the average production levels at our farm.

3. Parentage control

At birth they are individually identified with a tag with a PIN (Provisional Identification Number) that relates the born animal to its mother, date of birth, sex and observations. This is the beginning of a correct traceability in genetic selection.

During the Breeding (Lactation) period, they are inspected twice by our specialized personnel and those animals that present an innate defect or in their growth are eliminated. Once weaned (during the rearing period) we request the assistance of the Breed Qualifier for its Official inspection, here the definitive identification is made with the official ear tag and the associated electronic microchip. The Official pre-registration is made in the Genealogical Book and the blood sample is taken to determine who the father is by means of the paternal parentage test by DNA.

4. Growth and docility control

Until the moment they are sold or included in our lot replacement program, doelings are monitored by our staff. We pay special attention to their natural growth and docile character, and any animal that shows growth alterations or a nervous or aggressive nature is eliminated.

Kpra S.L. It is an active part of the National Scheme for Genetic Selection of the Murciano-Granada Breed managed by ACRIMUR. Our best animals are made available to the Murcian Goat Genetic Improvement Center to make the connections between herds through Artificial Insemination and test the potential breeding males of the breed.