Efficient animal handling is an additional guarantee for the profitability of our farm. The main issue is to ensure animal well-being, which is based on four basic factors


1. Ensuring a non-competitive food supply.

Providing an adequate, balanced diet according to the animals’ needs, as well as free access to fresh, clean water.

2. Enabling animals to feel comfortable and behave in a natural way.

Our goats have a 1.5 m2 sheltered area, as well as a 5 m2 area for exercise and recreation, for each animal. Beds are always dry and clean, and the sheds are adequately ventilated.

3. Pain, disease and injury-free.

In the event of any of the above, our on-staff veterinarians provide the best possible care.

4. Freedom from fear.

An essential requirement for working at Kpra S.L. is to love animals, giving them all the respect and care they deserve. We also take special measures to prevent outside animals from accessing our facilities.

Production is organized so that we handle animals in groups, organized by farrowing crates. As a result, we have 7 milk-producing groups with over 500 animals each, separated every 2-3 months. This ensures that there will always be four milking groups while the fifth group is at the dry period. This system enables us to provide a constant supply of quality milk throughout the entire year. Moreover, it allows our staff to specialize in all of the routine tasks performed at the farm.

Regarding timing, we have a scheduled calendar of health and handling programs (vaccination, de-worming, mating, ultrasounds, farrowing, weaning, etc.). We know how difficult it is to keep a consistent schedule on a farm, but we try to perform everyday tasks (milking, feeding, colostrum intake, etc.) at the same time, regardless of the day of the week.