Our pure-bred Murcian-Granadian goats are sent to slaughter at the age of 30/40 days. What makes our kids special is that they are fed only milk, which means we market a true suckling pure-bred goat. Complete traceability is ensured, since kids are identified individually at birth with their corresponding information (date of birth, sex, mother, etc.) for complete control up until the time they reach the slaughterhouse.

They are raised exclusively under the care of our specialized staff, which ensures optimal conditions at all times in terms of well-being and comfort, guaranteeing healthy growth until they are finally slaughtered with a live weight of between 7.5 and 8.0 kg. This exquisite, delicious meat with an extraordinary bouquet satisfies even the most demanding consumers.

Our nursery room for kids is compartmentalized to be able to classify the kids by age, sex and weight and thus be able to offer them the care required at each stage of their growth. It is a warm, clean and comfortable room built with material that is easily guaranteed hygienic and equipped with heating and ventilation to be able to adapt its comfort temperature.