Milk is an opaque, white nutritious secretion produced by the mammary glands of female mammals, primarily intended for nursing their young.

It is a basic foodstuff, used by man since the beginning of time. Goat milk, in particular, is whiter than cow milk, and both its aroma and flavor are more intense. It is more digestive, due to the smaller size of its fat globules, which is why it is especially recommended for infants, elderly people and those who cannot tolerate cow milk. It has higher nutritional values than cow milk.

At Kpra SL we strictly comply with all necessary requirements and conditions related to food hygiene laid down in EC regulation No. 852/2004; as well as with all requirements related to traceability as set out in Royal Decree 947/2005 and section 18 of EC Regulation No. 178/2002.

Our objective is to provide the dairy industry with a first-rate raw material and ultimately offer the consumer an excellent end-product.

liters per lactation

liters of milk per day

From the goats’ udders, the milk is taken directly to the cooling tanks, where its temperature is lowered below 4ºC to ensure proper storage and conservation of the milk so that its quality is not altered and thus obtain the correct quality excellence and to be able to offer, from the physical-chemical point of view and from the hygienic-sanitary point of view, guarantees of compliance with the current Community Regulations: Regulation (EC) No. 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 29 February April 2004, which establishes specific hygiene rules for foods of animal origin and the corresponding Spanish regulations: RD 640/2006, which regulates certain conditions for the application of community provisions on hygiene, of the production and marketing of food products.

Technical controls are also performed on the milking machines, as set out in Standard UNE 68061(1998) “Mechanical Tests,” the purpose of which is to verify that the machines comply with the design and operating requirements established by Standards UNE 68048(1998), 68050(1998), and 68078(2004).

Our animals have excellent performance and our milk production has experienced continuous growth since 1999.

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