At Kpra S.L., we are aware of the fact that genetic selection is the essential core to obtaining highly profitable milk production.

Obviously, to make the most of the genetic potential of our animals, we must carefully manage feeding, heath and handling. But without genetic potential, our efforts in these areas would provide poorer results.

Clients who have purchased our reproductive stock can be found throughout Spain and other Mediterranean countries, particularly in Portugal, Romania, France, Greece and Italy.

The selection of reproductive stock to start new farms or replace stock on operating goat farms is our specialty. We know that whoever purchases genetics wants quality and safety, which is why all our efforts are focused on these two essential aspects.

You can find out more about our selection process in the section on genetic selection and see for yourself how rigorous we are in this area. You can also see our level of health in the health section of this website.

What do our animals offer?

Registered in te Genealogical Book

Officially Brucellosis-free


Vaccinated and revaccinated against enterotoxemia (braxy)


Dewormed, protecting against helminths and nematodes

Officially identified by means of an electronic microchip

Special treatments (deworming, vaccinations, identification, etc.) can be arranged for clients that require them (request an estimate for these services).

Our animals are always sold at the point of origin (the farm) and are accompanied by official documentation for the transport of live animals. The client is responsible for organizing transport to the destination farm. We can also arrange for animal transport, if you wish.

We offer pro forma invoices and estimates with no obligation. You are welcome to visit us at the farm and see the future breeding stock you wish to purchase (or their parents) by appointment.

We recommend reserving your purchase in order to obtain your future breeding stock with the desired age and in the numbers you want, according to your forecasted needs.