Studs represent 50% of the genetic value of a goat farm. As a result, the selective pressure is much greater, since we concentrate half of the genetic selection in just a few animals.

At Kpra S.L. we only select 4% of the bucks born as future studs. It stands to reason that we choose the offspring of our best goats. The selection process is similar to that for does, with the exception that we also use genetic information from our farm provided by the breed association (ACRIMUR) in order to select those males that are the offspring of Kpra S.L. does and studs that demonstrate an improvement in genetic value in terms of milk production and quality (fat and protein). We also rely on artificial insemination to produce future studs, using semen from males selected by the Breed Association in conjunction with the Official Artificial Insemination Center for the Murcian-Granadian Breed. This ensures greater value and genetic potential for the studs we sell.

We provide studs of different ages (including bucks in full production stages). As in the case of our female breeding stock, we have a limited production, so we recommend you reserve your purchases to ensure the availability of studs for your farm.