Kpra S.L. it is located in the municipality of Mula (Murcia). It is in the South-East of Spain, in the center of the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Generally speaking, the climate is Mediterranean, with clear semi-arid features. Drought is ever-present in the landscape, farm work and in the worries of urban and rural populations. This is one of the driest areas in Europe.

Average annual rainfall is less than 350 mm. Rainfall in Murcia is marked by two distinct features: irregularity from year to year, which is typical of arid lands, and the concentration of rainfall in a few days, with heavy downpours of over 100 mm in a single day, which occasionally result in flooding.

Average annual temperatures range from 15 to 20 ºC. Winters are short, with a few days of below-zero temperatures. Summers are long, hot and dry, with temperatures over 35 ºC on many days.

Aridity determines the morphology of the land, as well as the striking contrast between dry-land and irrigation farming around the Segura River.

hectares of farm

The main building is located at the center of the farm and includes the milking facility and auxiliary buildings, the dairy and the office. The farm is accessed on the south side. The eastern area is reserved for the production sheds and the corresponding exercise areas, where the goats are kept. The food area is on the north side, while the east side is reserved for the kid shed.

A series of auxiliary equipment and facilities completes the farm: a drinking water tank, power generator, parking area, milk loading area, gardens, animal transport corridors, a circuit of roads for internal farm vehicles, work and animal-handling chutes, the water purification system, etc.

hectares of dry almond trees